VMware HA - ESX lack memory!

Dear All,

I have a question need to be answered and your help, suggestion or opinion will be much appreciated.

1) Let say I have 2 x ESX Host as below :

ESX1 = 8GB ram, 5x Virtual Machine (2GB ram each) with 10% memory utilization

ESX2 = 4GB ram

is it possible for me to do a VMware HA for 3 x Virtual Machine (6GB total of ram) when my second ESX host lack of physical RAM (4GB)? VMware concern bout the host memory or guest memory actually?

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Yes you can. Even if the three VMs using 100% of its memory.

With VMware ESX we are able to overcommit memory.

Features like VMkernel Swap, Ballooning and Transparent M. Page Sharing help to "use" more Memory than physically available.

In some cases you have to enable the HA feature

"...powered on even if they violate availability constraints..."