VMware HA DRS Demo

Since the VMotion demo we did seemed to help people, I figured the next best topic that would easily show in a demo is HA and DRS.

This lead to a whitepaper on the topic that we just released, and 3 demos on the topic.

Many people seemed to want audio, so now you can hear my lovely voice on all 4 demos Smiley Happy ... dang MTV generation. Maybe I should beat-box on my next demos ...

Links to demos and paper :

VMotion demo with audio -->

HA-DRS Whitepaper -->

The HA-DRS demos are in Flash format and stream directly off our website. Go to and click on the "Virtualization with VMware" link.

We also got our 20 port 10Gbit switch in the lab with a bunch of 10Gbit cards. Any good ideas on how to put this through a good test ?

Scott Hanson

Dell Enterprise Technology Center

Scott Hanson
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