VMWare Hybernate

dear All,

I configure redundant Servers using ESXI 6.0; The Redundant Server is a DCS Server (DCS = Distributed Control System); which the redundant is managed by DCS Software. The DCS Software is configured under VM (VM-DCS01 = Primary, VM-DCS02 = Secondary). Sometime the secondary VM-DCS02 is failed to synchronize with primary VM-DCS01. I have check that the VM-DCS01 cannot ping to VM-DCS02 then I try to remote to VM-DCS02 using VMWare Workstation. After few minutes the VM-DCS02 is synchronize with primary VM-DCS01.

It seems that the Secondary VM-DCS02 is in "Sleep/Hybernate" mode and "Wake" after remote to VM-DCS02. Is there any configuration that i missed at ESXI.

Please advise.

Thank Tou

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