VM Groups for Alarms and other Config?

We would like to set up alarms for some specific machine to trap a restart - these are machines that require operational interaction after startup.

Is there any type of process that can be used to assign VMs to specific alarms, other than assigning the alarm at the machine level, or creating a folder into which the VM would need to be placed?

I can see a use for VM groups that would allow specific types of configuration to be applied to specific machines, but do not think that this is implemented in the latest (or in previous releases) of vC.

Folders do not really provide this function in a workable way as I don't believe that a VM could be a member of different folders at the same level at the same time. E.g. you may want to apply an alarm for high CPU and one for a restart check, but I don't believe that a VM could be in both folders at the same time and it may be that not all of the high CPU machines needed a restart check.

Does anyone have any thoughts about how different alarms could be associated with different machines, other than by individual assignment?



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