VI3 and VC License to Vsphere and Features......

Hi Guys,

I do have 3 VI3 Enterprise and one vCentre licenses but istead of using the old product (ESX3.5 VC2.5) I have installed the ESX4 with VC4 on 3 x3650 having 2cpu each, As I knew that this licenses can be used to use a upgrade to VSphere. My question is what exact features that I can use on these Server infrastructure???

Bcoz on the cofigure page I donot see the backup and server profile listed....whereas vMotion, FT, HA etc is there.

I do have Platinum Support subscription also for VMware Infrastructure Enterprise and Virtual Centre Server. Whether these support would be continued on VSphere aswell on ESX4 and VC4.

Please let me know if I am missing some thing which I have to take care of.........

Thanks for your reply......

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see this KB article for all the features that come with your level of licensing.


....and if you have a valid support contract, you will continue to get Platinum support for vSphere4, as you did for VI3