VCB problems

I am trying to setup VCB using netbackup as my backup software. Every time I run it it fails with this similar message. I've used the vcbmounter command line here to test it without the netbackup involvment.

On the Virtual Center task viewer it shows the account 'backup' creating a snapshot, deleting it and then releasing the disk lease.

It seems that it is not ever actually mounting the snap to the VCB.

I am using iSCSI as well as FC - happens same way on both. Also - insight manager thows up a blip everytime we run this.

C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware Consolidated Backup Framework>vcbmounter -h vmcon

trol.mydomain.dom -u backup -p backup123 -a name:vmtest01 -r c:\mnt\vmtest01 -t

file -m san

\[2007-06-29 10:07:05.744 'App' 4608 info] Current working directory: C:\Program

Files\VMware\VMware Consolidated Backup Framework

\[2007-06-29 10:07:07.260 'BaseLibs' 1252 warning] \[Vmdb_Unset] Unsetting unknown

path: /vmomi/

\[2007-06-29 10:07:20.275 'vcbMounter' 4608 error] Error: Error while opening dis

k blklst://snapshot-566\[vmtest01] vmtest01/vmtest01.vmdk@vmcontrol.mydomain.dom?

xxxx/xxxx: A virtual disk could not be opened. -- Cannot open disk file: Error :

Disk library failed (One LUN could not be opened). Unable to open 'blklst://sna

pshot-566\[vmtest01] vmtest01/vmtest01.vmdk@vmcontrol.mydomain.dom'. Failed to co

nfigure disk scsi0:0.

\[2007-06-29 10:07:20.275 'vcbMounter' 4608 error] An error occured, cleaning up.


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This really looks like the LUNs are not presented or zoned to the VCB proxy. You will want to follow the steps as layed out in for the presentation of LUNs and the setup of the VCB Proxy disk management. In essence the errors are stating that VCB can not find the appropriate LUNs.

If HPSIM throughs a 'blip' as you state. What type of blip does it throw?

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