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VCB error

I'm running esx 3.x and vc 2.5. I do not have a problem running vcb on any vm on SAN storage to the VCB backup proxy, but am not having success backing up VM's in my development (Which is local VMFS based). I get the following error below when running vcbMounter command:

Unsetting unknown

path: /vmomi/

System error.

Error: Failed to open the disk

: Unspecified error

An error occurred, cleaning up

Here is my command line: vcbMounter -h

Any ideas would be appreciated.

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Make sure DNS, or the hosts file, is correctly configured.

Verify the user account, being used on the proxy server, and the account in VC (also the account name used in the config file) have the appropriate rights.

The proxy server account will need rights to the location specified with the -r switch.

The VC account will need the following Privileges (may want to create a new Role in VC by clicking the Admin button):

Virtual Machine\Configuration\Disk Lease

Virtual Machine\State\Create Snapshot

Virtual Machine\State\Remove Snapshot

Virtual Machine\Provisioning\Allow Virtual Machine Download

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Hot Shot


Local storage as in on your ESX server itself?

Might give you some problems. Need to verify your VCB machine can access that.

Vmware have a nice tool for this at bottom of this page


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