VCB error(not able to create a snap shot)

we are using ESX server3.5 and VC2.5. while taking a linux enterprise server5.0 backup using VCB. it gives the error message

Error: Other error encountered

: Snapshot creation failed: Custom pre-freeze script failed.

An error occurred, cleaning up


not able to create a snap shot.

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I am assuming that VMware Tools is properly installed.

Look for /usr/sbin/pre-freeze-script

If it is present, check the contents and syntax. If not, try creating a blank one using touch.

Dave Convery - VMware vExpert


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I recall getting that error when I upgraded to a later version of vmtools on one of my Linux VMs.

As the flavour of Linux that I was using was unsupported by Vmware I didn't progress it - I just reverted back to the old working version of vmtools.

I didn't have any custom freeze scripts on the VM - so it was a surprising message though...

What exact flavour of Linux are you running and is it officially supported? - if it is, and if you still get that message with the latest version of vmtools, (and presuming you do not use pre freeze scripts) then I would consider raising a support call?


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