VCB Problem after applying patch ESX350-200901401-SG

VMware Support has provided me the following information.


During the normal VCB operation the VMware tools status will change from OK to Not Running in the vCenter tools status for some time during the initial snapshot operation but it will return to OK once the VCB operation is completed.

However, on hosts that have the patch bundle ESX350-200901401-SG, the VMware tools status on the virtual machines may stay as Not Running even after the VCB operation is completed. This may cause subsequent VCB attempts to fail with an error stating "cannot find machine name specified by ip address"

For now the workaround is to:

1. Restart mgmt-vmware service immediately once the backup job is done. This will bring the tools status to OK. One can write a cron job to do it periodically.


2. Log in and Log out OR simply log out (if already logged in) from the VM. This will cause the tools status to go "OK" if it was showing as "Not running" before. (This method did not work for me, Tools might have shown it was running temporarily but returned to a not running state in VCenter)


3. Use VCBMounter to look for VM name or UUID rather than VM IP. VM IP will only work when the status of tools is "OK", but VM name and UUID will work even if the tools status shows as "Not running".

VMware Engineering is aware of the problem and is working on a patch...

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