VCB Backup Problem with SLES / Vista VMs


I have problems to backup some virtual machines with VCB.

I get the error message:

"creating a quiesced snapshot failed because the custom pre-freeze script in the VM exited with a non-zero return code"

I looked in the forum for this, but I only found the error on solaris machines ..

In our environment, I got this error on 1 Windows Vista VM and on 3 SLES 10 VM´s ...

We also have other SLES10 VMs which are running perfect.. This error occured first time 2 weeks ago .. We did not change anything on the VM (so was told to me by our application team) ..

So it´s strange.. from one week to another, this error occurs 😕

I searched for the pre-freeze script, but could not find it ..

Our Environment: Virtual Center 2.5 Update 4, ESX 3.5 Update 4

Any hints or ideas ?

thanks in advance,


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