VC4 --> VC5 upgrade wows!

Perfectly working VC4 installation on physical Server 2008 R2, connecting to remote SQL 2008 R2

Working for months with no problems (after Vmware Suppport eventually fixed all the issue with performance stats not showing)

So there is nothing simpler then upgrade to VC5.


Upgrade check agant run OK, no problems.

Upgrade itself went OK. Reboot the server.

And now the server is not accessible via RDP, OK trip to another building, login at server console.

No Desktop, at least Task Manager works, kill explorer, start explorer, nothing.

Reboot, same story. Something is not right obviously. Reboot, Desktop is back, but no network, must be the card config, lets check the team with BACS, oh no BACS will not start as error shows "Service Control Manager database is locked"

So what, lets unlock it, sc lock, then u & enter

But no, the database can not be locked, as it is already locked.

And now way to unlock it, services can not be stopped / started, some are hanging...

Reboot into safe mode (always an option), login screen come on and ... instant reboot

OK, must be a fluke, lets do it again. WOW! same result. Obviously something is seriously WRONG here!

Reboot again. Login, no Desktop, but command promt works, last ditch attempt before blowing the whole thing away!

regedit & disable ALL services with vmware name in them by setting the start to 4 (disabled)

Reboot, login, EVERYTHING is back to normal!!!!

Uninstall all Vmware software, delete all folders.

Make clean install of VC5 (use existing database)

No more problems.

Conclusion - do not do upgrade, do clean install, Vmware obviously did not manage to do any logical upgrade routing & they should state so

Would save me 2 hours of madness


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