Using images from VirtualCenter web interface for non-commercial purposes

Hi all,

For a Senior Design project, my team and I are building a web interface around VirtualCenter to create an air-gapped computer security lab. We are developing the website in, and we've found that our pages are bland without some images.

I'm wondering what the license on the .png files for VirtualCenter's web interface are. As of now, we're looking to use the poweredOn-16x16.png image, and the poweredOff-16x16.png image, but I'm sure we'll use more. Again, the source code for this project will be free (although we're willing to not include the images when we release the source), and it will be used for educational purposes, not for commercial purposes.

I tried finding anything in the EULA that could help me, but came out empty handed. I also couldn't find someone appropriate to contact on VMWare's website. Does anyone know of the license these images are placed under, or someone at VMWare who could help me?


Johann MacDonagh

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I remember reading your initial thread regarding this student project. I hope its going well for you!

Guidelines on using VMware logo's and the like can be found here:

My guess is you'll need permission to use the images, and this doc suggests contacting the VMware Corporate Marketing department. (but I don't see any specific contact info listed) When dealing with anyone who has more lawyers/resources than you do, its probably a good idea to ask nicely first Smiley Happy



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