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Upgrade to vCenter Server 4.1 from 4.0 (32bit to 64bit)

Morning All,

I am hoping someone might be able to "sanity check" or make sugestions as to my upgrade path to vCenter Server 4.1 from vCenter Server 4.

We are running currently on a Server 2003 (32 bit) and the most recent server we have purchased came with vSphere 4.1 on embedded so rather than downgrading this to 4.0 the best solution is to upgrade our vCS and other Vsphere boxes to 4.1.

I understand from the documentation and by trying that a 4.1 vSphere server wont connect to a 4.0 vCS, so I need to upgrade the vCS to 4.1, this now needs to run on a 64 bit o/s so I need to migrate the vCS to a new 2008 64bit system, in addition we are running View Composer on the vCS so I need to move this to the new server - we're not running a mssive amount of View pools, however downtime to these pools is not acceptable during working hours.

Identified Steps to take.

1)     Installed a new vCS on new 2k8 64bit o/s server

2)     Installed view composer in readiness

3)     migrate the vCS database to the new vCS and check that the new vCS has the full configuration from old vCS

4)     upgrade the View connection server to newest version

5)     point the exisiting pools to the new composer service & test

Is this perhaps the best way to achieve this, in an ideal world I'd love to do this during working hours with minimal disruption, but I cant see a way of achieving this without downtime and more weekend work Smiley Wink

Has anyone already done this?

Would it be wise at this time to create a new VView connection server on a 2k8 server and 64bit? (unsure if Vview will require 2008 or 64bit in future releases).

any help/advise or gotcha's to avoid are greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks for any help


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I had to do the exact upgrade myself last year and so blogged about all the steps and resources i used and found useful planning for and whilst doing my upgrade here:


Hope it helps


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Outstanding, many thanks for this - will have a good read through.

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