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Update Manager - Remote ESX Servers - Timeouts

I am trying to use Update Manager to update ESX Servers at remote sites.

Some of the updates get installed but when a large update was installed the task failed with a time out error.

It seems that the job times out after 15 minutes. With the larger patches the remote ESX server would need much more than 15 minutes just to download the patch files from the Update Manager server.

Is there somewhere I can change this time out value or even remove it altogether while I am applying patches.

I would like to avoid having to install seperate update manager instances in each location if possible.

Any other suggestions on patching remote ESX servers would be appreciated.



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After researching multiple articles in the VMWare community we determined that

increasing the the following values in the C:\Program

Files\VMware\Infrastructure\Update Manager\vci-integrity.xml file was a first

step towards resolution of this issue.

Value modified were: <recvTimeout> 60000 changed to 120000 (Values in milliseconds so



<UpdateDownloadReries> 3 changed to 6 (This

setting helps when network availability is intermittent)

Vigilant Tech

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Hopefully we can re-visit this posting. We are having a problem as well with our remote ESX host pilot. I cannot stage patches consistently. After 15 minutes it times out, however I continue to see network activity as if the patch staging is continuing on.

We are running two independent (no shared disk) esx hosts at some remote sites. ESXi 4 helps with the amount of patching, but this is shaping up to be a nightmare to maintain. Has anyone else come across this scenario?

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