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Unable to upgrade VMTools

I'm near the end of my ESX 3.0.1 migration. I had a few VMs that encountered errors when I tried to upgrade VMTools (They were unable to uninstall the older version). Mounting the older version iso when prompted didn't work.

FYI - After a lot of testing (love the snapshot feature), here's what worked for me

Log on as local admin

Click on the VMTools icon in the System Tray to find out what Build version you are running (under the About tab). Make a note of it. If the icon isn't there, you can run VMwareTray.exe from C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware Tools\

Stop VMware Tools Service

In Task Manager, end the two processes, VMwareUser.exe and VMwareTray.exe

Delete C:\ProgramFiles\VMware and all its contents

In Regedit, delete HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\VMware, Inc.

Mount the iso that contains the version that is currently installed or run the msi.

Choose Repair.


Log back on as local admin

Install the new VMTools normally. Reboot again.

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