Setup email alert for alarms on Vcenter 6.7

I have to configure the sending of email alerts on
Vcenter version
My mail server wants the password in clear text.
I configured the mail settings both on Configure->Settings->General and
Configure->Settings->Advanced Settings.
In neither of them there is the possibility to set the authentication mode.
I opened a shell on vcenter and saw in the directory  /usr/lib/ vmware-vpx the script which receives the authentication mode as a parameter and generates the files email configuration in  /etc/mail.
In order to have a log with more information I have inserted the followinf line in
echo "define (\`confLOG_LEVEL ', \ `15') dnl"

I would like to know :

  • if I can access the calling program of and
  • how can I run from the web client in order to avoid running it through the shell not knowing the parameters that the web client normally uses.
  • How can I setup Plaintext Authentication

Update 2020/12/02

In Configure->Settings->General and in
Configure->Settings->Advanced Settings I changed server to use google's open relay server, on /var/mail/root I get the answer:

---- Transcript of session follows -----
... while talking to
>>> MAIL From:<> SIZE=1157 AUTH=<>
<<< 530-5.7.0 Authentication Required. Learn more at
<<< 530 5.7.0 b14sm2069969wrx.35 - gsmtp
554 5.0.0 Service unavailable

it seems that the credentials set are not used.

I also had to manually edit the


file adding the smtp server to the line

# "Smart" relay host (may be null)


otherwise the server was not addressed.

Despite what has been done I cannot receive emails


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