Settup up a cluster and connect it to a AX4-5I SAN


I have three new servers that I would like to cluster together and connect them to a EMC AX4-5I SAN storage.

The server has four on-board network card and a network expantion card with another four ports on it. Total of eight network ports.

Each server has two cpu's that are quard core. Total 6 phyical cpu(s)

The AX4 is configured to use iSCSI. Also it has two network cards that are on separted VLANs for failover.

Starting out I was told to buy vmware vsphere 4 enterprise for 6 cpu(s) and vmware vcenter server 4 standard for vsphere that includes orchestrator and linked mode. Not sure what all of it does and how to corectly install it and configure it for a cluster.

I have already install the ESX vSphere 4.1 on each of the three server.

How do I configure the cluster?

For the vCenter do I need a phyical server to install this on? or setup a viral server?

How to connect to the AX4 via iSCSI?

How to configure the network cards for teaming and to be on different VLAN(s)?

Team ports 1&2 on earch of the severs that goes to the ax4 on vlan3 to segment the iscsi.

Team ports 3&4 on each of the servers that goes to the ax4 on vlan4 to segment the iscsi and redundancy.

Team ports 5,6,7,8 on each of the servers. This is the main connect for all the servers that will be on vlan1.

Any other hurdles that you can think of, that I have not asked to get this up and running.

Thank You

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