SVMotion -> Leaves a VM on the old datastore using 00B(but shows as powered on)


I have setup a new env using VMware vCenter Server 4.1.

I am also scheduling to reinstall the oldest servers to ESXi 4.1, but before I can do that, I need to move 2 TB of VM's from an old datastore to the new one.

The hosts are currently ESX3.5 U4 with some patches.

However, SVMotion is not as smooth as I'd want it to be, I am having issues with seeing the VM as powered on in both datastores after migration, while in the old datastore it uses 00B, and in the new it uses what is supposed to. In both datastores they are marked as powered on, which leads me to believe I cant take away the old datastore when the time comes, because something is holding it back.

I've manually checked the VMFS, the directory and everything related to the VM's is gone from it.

I have 1,5 TB left to move, and I am "working" around the issue by moving the VM back and forth, but I am dealing with 3 VM's that is over 300 GB, which takes some time and I am afraid that I will miss the deadline if this keeps up. Any workaround to make a good move without having to deal with this issue?

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Hey we are doing mass moves on our side using powerCLI :

Get-VM "VMName" | Move-VM -datastore (Get-datastore "Datastorename")

this works much better without leaving too much dmotion error files then using the svmotion plugin.

When you have a VM like this:

- Edit settings show up VMX Files on new datastore

- Edit settings show up VMDK Files of every disk on new datastore

- On old datastore you still have a folder with "VMName" and a bunch of file - mainly vmdk files in our cases

- VMName is up and running

You can just delete the folder on the old datastore with all files

If the VM is started up - and you delete a file which it is in use the VMware will fire up a message.

We moved our whole environment ~ 400 VMs ~ 5 TB and had about 10 - 20 machines leaving some files after dmotion.

Hopefully this helps

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