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SSL updater problems 5.5

I have been asked to update ssl certs on a clients VMware 5.5 instance which has me stumped.

SSO and inventory updates worked fine, get to vcenter update step 2 and I get this error

[Fri 08/30/2019 -  8:56:16.07]: Last operation update vCenter Server SSL certificate failed :

[Fri 08/30/2019 -  8:56:16.08]: Cannot log in to vCenter. Please check C:\Users\admin\Downloads\ssl-certificate-updater-tool-1308332\logs\vc-update-ssl.log for more details


[Fri 08/30/2019 -  8:55:49.98]: Validating the input parameters...

        STATE              : 4  RUNNING

HTTPError: Unable to open or read page.

HTTP Error 401: basic auth failed

[Fri 08/30/2019 -  8:56:16.04]: "Cannot log in to vCenter."

[Fri 08/30/2019 -  8:56:16.05]: The vCenter certificate update failed.

I can login to web client but not desktop client as administrator@vsphere.local.

I can login to web client as domain user but get sso error from desktop client.

I have read and confirmed this isn't set in vpxd. VMware Knowledge Base

I have tried VMware Knowledge Base and step 8 I get this error

C:\temp>ssolscli.cmd listServices https://mgmt.domain.com:7444/lookupservices/sdk

Intializing registration provider...

Getting SSL certificates for https://mgmt.domain.com:7444/lookupservices/sdk

Unexpected status code: 404

Unexpected status code: 404

Return code is: OperationFailed


I hope someone can enlighten me on the cause/resolution.


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