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I have installed 2 new 3i hosts in my infrastructure. I am running VC 2.02 and have 2 3.02 ESX hosts to upgrade when I am finished. My current VC server is SQL 2005 but I used the master DB for VC. I need to upgrade VC to see the 2 new hosts but will I have a problem if I just use the master db. It throws back some dialog box when begining stating your DBA must make the manaul change to point to another DB. Can I just select the default selections and upgrade the VC server without overwriting the DB? Also real stupid question, even stupider then the last. Do I need a license for 2.5 if I am upgrading from 2.0.2?

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During my first installation of VC 1.x I used the master database of the SQL server and then when I went to upgrade to another VC 1.x version I ran into the same issue. I ended up having to backup the master database, create a new database, restore from the .BAK file just created into your new database, then manually modify tables and values... quite an involved procedure. It all depends on what version of database that you're using. For more info see this post - http://communities.vmware.com/message/878948#87894. And no you don't need to purchase a new license to upgrade from 2.0.2 to 2.5.



It isn't generally good practice to have your db installed on the master db, but it shouldn't cause you any problems having it there. If you aren't using the db for anything else, then you should be fine leaving it as is.

Make sure you take a backup so you can restore in case of issues.

Also, the license for VI 3 will allow 2.0.x and 2.5.


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