SNMP not responding

Imagine 2 vCenter 5.5 servers belonging to 2 different and separate vSphere infrastructures in 2 different LANs.

Both vCenter servers are based on Windows Server 2008 R2 servers not member of any Active Directory Domain.

On both servers I enabled SNMP Receiver 2 and provided the IP address of an Ubuntu box (one for each LAN).

On the Ubuntu boxes I installed SNMP and I can use snmpwalk to query other SNMP enabled devices.

When I issue the following command:

snmpwalk -c public <vCenter IP address>


snmpwalk  -v2c -c public <vCenter IP address>

I get:

snmpwalk: Timeout

I strongly suspect I missed some relevant step.

Should I enable SNMP in Windows?

Should I do anything else?

How can I troubleshoot the problem?



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'nmap -p 161 <ip.address>'

Can you see the port open?  If yes, it sounds like bad snmpd config.  If no, firewall?  Maybe snmpd isn't actually running?  I can't remember how much functionality ESX has at the shell, but 'netstat -tuna | egrep '161|snmp' or 'ps ax | grep snmp' would be how I'd start to see if the daemon is actually running and listening on a socket.