Reset the agents on the ESX hosts during P2V vCenter

Hello All,

I am planing P2V of my vCenter which are currently connected to 5 ESXi hosts and all Esxi host are have very important production servers like exchange , SQL and others so Just reading the we need to reset the agents on the ESXi hosts after P2V of the vcenter so my question is

Note: My SQL is running on another machine not on the same vcenter.

1. Whether i need to do this reset on all ESXi severs ?

2. While resetting the agent  does that affect my VM's (Exchange Servers, SQL, and other machines) or NOT.

3. Do i need to Enter a host into Maintenance mode and remove it from vCenter , if yes then Why  ? Maintenance mode is ok but removing from vcenter means what and why ?

Any major issue has anybody observed after doing the P2V of the vCenter please mentioned so that i can take that into consideration


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