Replacing external PSC SSL certificates

Running latest vCenter server and have deployed as an external PSC and 2 vCenter Servers.  I have used the certificate manager to generate a new machine SSL and solution user CSRs for the PSC.  These have been submitted to our internal CA and I have managed to install the machine SSL certificate so I am no longer getting a cert error when going to https://<machine FQDN>/psc.  I have also tried to replace the solution user certificates but this doesn't seem to be working.  I ensured the CSRs had different names (pscname-machine and pscname-webclient) and I can see this has been set succesfully within the certificates.  The Certificate manager appears to replace the certificates but when browsing to https://<machine FQDN>:5480 it is still using the default certificate.  I have also tried replacing the certificates through the web gui and although they appear to be updated the https://<machine FQDN>:5480 is still using the default cert.  I have restarted the PSC and when logging in I can see that the solutoin user certificates it is using are the correct ones, but I am still getting the certificate error on logging in to https://<machine FQDN>:5480.  How can I get this certificate to replace?

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