Receving xjis file is missing after deploying from a Template in vCenter 4 update 1


I've just installed a new vCenter 4 in our environment.

I've created a new Template of windows 2003 R2 SP1, and copied the sysprep file in to the correct location in the vCenter server.

I've also created an customization file in the vCenter.

After deploying from template, the new virtual machine is powering on and i can see the sysprep working.

After that the virtual machine reboots and goes in to the mini setup wizard.

In this step the customization file should start working and automatically answer the whole mini setup wizard.

Unfortunately I receive a message box the searches for the xjis.nls file and asking me to give him the path for the file.

In our template we install files for complex script and right-to-left languages using the regional and language settings.

If click cancel on the search box then the installation proceeds automatically.

If i don't install files for right-to-left languages then i don't receive this message box and everything runs just fine.

In the old virtual center (vc 2.0.2) I've never encountered this issue.

Any leads will be very much appreciated!!!!!

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Did you ever figure this out? I appear to see the same problem with vCenter 4.1.

Old enough to know better, young enough to try anyway
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