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Problem to add ESX 3.5 to VC 2.5 -- unable to access the specified host.

Hi all....

I´m trying to add a ESX server 3.5 to my VC 2.5. After many minutes, VC display his message: "unable to access the specified host....." and appears like "Disconnected".

Then I remove that host, and uninstall and install the VC agent:

sh ./vpx-uninstall-esx-7-linux-64192+
+ sh ./vpx-upgrade-esx-7-linux-64192

I delette de vpxuser

userdel vpxuser

and restart the services

service vmware-vpxa restart
+ service mgmt-vmware restart+
+ service xinetd restart+
+ service vmware-vmkauthd restart+

and nothing happen, the problem hasn´t resolved.

This is the vpxd log:

Got vmacore exception: Operation timed out
+ Backtrace:+
+ backtrace[00] eip 0x01219096+
backtrace[01] eip 0x01166bba [mailto:?CreateBacktrace@SystemFactoryImpl@System@Vmacore@@UAEXAAV?$Ref@VBacktrace@System@Vmacore@@@3@@Z]
backtrace[02] eip 0x011401de [mailto:??0Throwable@Vmacore@@QAE@ABV?$basic_string@DU?$char_traits@D@std@@V?$allocator@D@2@@std@@@Z]
backtrace[03] eip 0x0117bfd1 [mailto:?CreateHttpConnectionPool@Http@Vmacore@@YAXHAAV?$Ref@VHttpConnectionPool@Http@Vmacore@@@2@@Z]
backtrace[04] eip 0x0117d71c [mailto:?CreateHttpUserAgent@Http@Vmacore@@YAXPAVConnectionSpec@12@PAVCookieStore@12@PAVHttpConnectionPool@12@AAV?$Ref@VUserAgent@Http@Vmacore@@@2@@Z]
backtrace[05] eip 0x0117ebb5 [mailto:?CreateHttpUserAgent@Http@Vmacore@@YAXPAVConnectionSpec@12@PAVCookieStore@12@PAVHttpConnectionPool@12@AAV?$Ref@VUserAgent@Http@Vmacore@@@2@@Z]
backtrace[06] eip 0x0117f14d [mailto:?CreateHttpUserAgent@Http@Vmacore@@YAXPAVConnectionSpec@12@PAVCookieStore@12@PAVHttpConnectionPool@12@AAV?$Ref@VUserAgent@Http@Vmacore@@@2@@Z]
backtrace[07] eip 0x0139818c [mailto:?CreateSoapStubAdapter@Vmomi@@YAXABV?$basic_string@DU?$char_traits@D@std@@V?$allocator@D@2@@std@@HPAVSSLContext@Ssl@Vmacore@@00PAVLogger@Service@6@AAV?$Ref@VStubAdapter@Vmomi@@@6@@Z]
backtrace[08] eip 0x01399031 [mailto:?CreateSoapStubAdapter@Vmomi@@YAXABV?$basic_string@DU?$char_traits@D@std@@V?$allocator@D@2@@std@@HPAVSSLContext@Ssl@Vmacore@@00PAVLogger@Service@6@AAV?$Ref@VStubAdapter@Vmomi@@@6@@Z]
backtrace[09] eip 0x00510b51 (no symbol)
+ backtrace[10] eip 0x005114ff (no symbol)+
+ backtrace[11] eip 0x005119a1 (no symbol)+
+ backtrace[12] eip 0x01367a0e+
backtrace[13] eip 0x0085ef32 (no symbol)
+ backtrace[14] eip 0x0053ed4a (no symbol)+
+ backtrace[15] eip 0x0053fa3c (no symbol)+
+ backtrace[16] eip 0x0052afc9 (no symbol)+
+ backtrace[17] eip 0x0054722a (no symbol)+
+ backtrace[18] eip 0x00547b90 (no symbol)+
+ backtrace[19] eip 0x014f7825+
backtrace[20] eip 0x01343b39 [mailto:?_GetType@MoRef@Vmomi@@UBEPAVType@2@XZ]
backtrace[21] eip 0x006ee701 (no symbol)
+ backtrace[22] eip 0x006d51d6 (no symbol)+
+ backtrace[23] eip 0x006da14e (no symbol)+
+ backtrace[24] eip 0x006e01e4 (no symbol)+
+ backtrace[25] eip 0x00a16a5a (no symbol)+
+ backtrace[26] eip 0x77e64829 GetModuleHandleA+

-- BEGIN task-internal-35272 -- host-1307 -- VpxdInvtHostSyncHostLRO.Synchronize
+ GetChanges failed on host /vpx/host/#1307/: vmodl.fault.HostCommunication+
+ Set connection error code (-2) for host
+ -- FINISH task-903 -- group-h658 -- vim.Folder.addStandaloneHost -- FE6296CA-B254-40D6-899D-A9A05980AFA8+
+ -- ERROR task-903 -- group-h658 -- vim.Folder.addStandaloneHost: vim.fault.NoHost:+
+ (vim.fault.NoHost) {+
+ dynamicType = <unset>,+
+ name = "",+
+ msg = ""+
+ }+
+ SSLVerifyCertAgainstSystemStore: Subject mismatch: vmw-virtual07 vs
+ SSLVerifyCertAgainstSystemStore: The remote host certificate has these problems:+

  • The host name used for the connection does not match the subject name on the host certificate+
  • A certificate in the host's chain is based on an untrusted root.+
    + SSLVerifyCertAgainstSystemStore: Certificate verification is disabled, so connection will proceed despite the error+


Also.... the /etc/hosts it ok.

Can anybody help me????

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Start with the simple stuff how are you connecting to your ESX host form VC - are using IP address or FQDN? Can you ping either of those from your VC server? Can you resolve the FQDN?

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HI, thanks for your help. I had solutioned the problem.

Was a network problem, the console nic was setted to auto.


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