Problem defining alarms for individual VMs

My environment has many folders in vCenter 5 with people assigned to them using a modified version of the sample vmware "Virtual machine user" role.  I am trying to allow these users to define alarms on the VMs in their folders, so I added the alarm permissions to the role.  Users are now able to see the defined alarms and create new alarms at the folder level, where their permissions are defined.  However, when a user selects a single VM  inside their folder, navigates to the alarm tab and then selects definitions, they are greeted with "Loading...".  The loading never completes to show the defined alarms for the selected VM.  Using File -> New -> Alarm, the user can create a new alarm at the VM level, but they still cannot see it once it is defined because that pane will not load.  I have been trying to find a permission that I am missing, but I have not found anything helpful.  If anyone has any insight on this issue, I would appreciate a nudge in the right direction.  Thank you.


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