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Postgres Archiver service fails to start on vCenter Server

I am unable to take file level backup of vCenter Server because Postgres Archiver service is down.
When I start the service fails with error “An error occurred while starting service 'vmware-postgres-archiver'. I checked the service error log it shows permission errors on an archive file. The file ownership is set to root user and group. The size of the file 0 bytes. There are 8018 archive files have root user and group ownership. All of them have 0 bytes size

The other archive files have ownership of vpostgres user and users group so I changed the ownership of the file to vpostgres user and users group. Attempted starting the Postgres Archiver service but it failed with error “pg_archiver could not seek compressed file” on the same archive file. I copied the file to /tmp directory and attempted uncompressing it but that failed. Then I took a snapshot of vCenter server vm, deleted that archive file, attempted starting Postgres Archiver service but it failed because another archive file permissions. 

Is it safe to delete all archive files with 0 bytes size from "/storage/archive/vpostgres/" directory?

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