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New to vCenter - Some Questions to functionality

Hi there,

i am a vCenter virgin and just experiencing the features of esxi 5.5 and vcenter.

So pleas be kind if this is the completely wrong section to ask it.

We have the following scenario and i want to ask whats the best way to make it possible.

We own several dedicated servers at different providers. All of them have installed an ESXi with a bunch of Virtual Machines on it.

The vCenter is installed at our Office Server and has the several host machines added and we configure it from here.

We plan to add a cluster with all of the Hosts and with the capability to move vms from one host to another.

Is this possible with the existing hosts? Or do we have to re add it to the cluster?

Second we have several NFS Storages at the different providers which we want to use to backup vms and run vms of them.

But if we add them it seems that the vcenter is trying to connect to the NFS and not the host (which is not possible because the vcenter has no direct access to the nfs shares).

I hope someone can help me.



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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

1. If all hosts CPU is exactly same, you just need to create cluster and add your host into cluster. (No need to re-add, just drag and drop from VI client or Move to from web client)

   Enable DRS/HA etc. (You need appropriate licenses)

2. If all the CPUs are not exactly same but of same family i.e Intel or AMD: You can add the host into cluster the way specified in point 1 but you need to enable EVC (Refer: VMware KB: Enhanced vMotion Compatibility (EVC) processor support

VMware Compatibility Guide: CPU Compatibility for VMware VMotion  


Once EVC is enabled, you can configure DRS/HA etc.

I still did not get NFS share issue completely. Will come back on that.

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