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New local SCSI-Storage (logical disk) not visible in "Add Storage Wizard"


We use VirtualCenter 2.5U3 and ESX 3.5U3.

I have added 6 new pyhsical harddisks to a ESX Host (a HP DL-385) and created a RAID5 logical disk with a total amount of 680GB space. After booting ESX the new storage is not visible in the "Add storage wizard" even i did a rescan for it. But the new disk is visible (with fdisk) in the service console of the concerning host. The disk is also visible if i boot the host with Windows or if i boot some native disk tools. The firmware of the host is new.

I tried even to delete the RAID5 und to create a small RAID0 with only one physical disk. This logical disk is invisible too.

Everything is seeing the new logical disks i create except for the "Add storage wizard" in the Virtual Infrastructure Client. Whatever i create and do; the wizard is always "empty".

What can i do?

Thanks for some advice.

Regards, Roman.

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