New HA Features in VC 2.0.2

Not sure if everyone saw this but there are 2 cool new features in VC 2.0.2 concerning the HA feature. The first is you can finally change the default HA trigger time from 15 seconds. The second is you can specify more then one isolation response address...

New in VC 2.0.2: the response time can be configured to be different than 15 seconds (15000 ms). 60 seconds (60000 ms) is an alternative commonly used.

Select a cluster->VMware HA->Advanced Options

Add the das.failuredetectiontime = option/value pair to the cluster's settings where represents the desired timeout value in milliseconds

VMware HA will not declare a host failure nor initiate an isolation detection response until the timeout value specified has been exceeded without heartbeats received

New in VC 2.0.2: more than one isolation response address can be specified, and each service console network should have a different isolation response address defined (by default, only the gateway of the first console network is used)

Select a cluster->VMware HA->Advanced Options , and add the das.isolationaddress2 = option/value pair to the cluster's settings where represents the secondary IP addresses to use

The default timeout value should also be increased to 20 seconds (20000 ms) or greater when a secondary isolation address has been specified

Setting Failure and Isolation Detection Timeout and Multiple Isolation Response Addresses -

HA Technical Best Practices -

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Thanks for the heads-up!

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