Move a Virtual Machine between Clusters

i have 5.5 cluster and vcenter 5.5 . now i will install new vcenter 6 and esxi cluster 6 on new servers with new emc storage. how i can move vm's to new cluster and new stoarge. then i will remove old vcenter, esxi cluster and old storage.

i have ent plus 6 license

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On the server where the VM is currently located, make a note of which LUN the VM is on then "remove from inventory".  On the server you wish to move to, browse to the same LUN and look for the directory where the virtual machine files are.  You will see the files likely named with .vmdk, .vmx, .log, etc.  Right click on the file with the extension and select "Add to inventory".  This will bring up a GUI with questions about where you want to locate the VM, network settings, etc.  After you do all that, you will see hte VM powered off but added to your inventory.  Once you power it up you will be asked if you copied it or moved it.  Select Move and let the machine power up.



You can disconnect ESXi 5.5 Host from vCenter 5.5 and add it to vCenter 6. ( disable HA in vcenter 5.5 before disconnecting host)

Connect new EMC storage to ESXi 5.5 Host and do the Storage migration.

Connect new EMC storage to ESXi 6 Host.

Do VM vMotion from ESXi 5.5 Host to ESXi 6 Host. ( if you are using different hardware, then due to CPU compatibility VM live migration may fail in that case you need to Power off VMs and do the migration )

Also you can try to create new Cluster with ESXi 6 and ESXi 5.5 Host with VMware EVC but to do this your CPU needs to be from same CPU family and compatible.

Once you finish VM vMotion, you can remove ESXi 5.5 Host from vCenter 6.

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