Move VCSA/Exernal PSC from one cluster to another

I have a 6.7 VCSA w/ external PSC. I need to move/migrate them from an older cluster to a new VxRail.  I have tried several things and none have worked.

Old cluster is standard switch layout.

New VxRail is Distributed switch layout.

I do have shared storage between the 2 clusters.

I have tried to shut it down, unregister it from the old host (connected directly to the host). Then register it on the new host (connected directly to the host). It registers fine, but I cannot connect it to any network.  I have read all the posts about distributed switch vs. standard switch. I have created a new port group that is ephemeral NOT static.  However, it still won't connect to that network.  I don't get the ephemeral error, but it still won't connect.  The reconfiguration of the VM completes without errors when I connect to ephemeral type of distributed port group, but it really doesn't connect.  I do not have any available ports on the hosts to even try to setup a standard switch port on the host. This has to be completed with what I have on the 2 clusters.

Thanks for any assistance.

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