Monitoring of VCSA with collectd, possible?


I want to monitor our VCSA VM and get the usual metrics: cpu, ram, and disk usage and I plan to do that with collectd.

I have a SNMP server (ubuntu VM) where collectd is running.

First I was thinking of polling these metrics with the SNMP plugin of collectd after configuring the SNMP agent on VCSA. But then I realized that it might be a complicated to get disk and ram usage since I have to do some additional calculation.

Then I thought why not just install collectd directly in the VCSA's OS?
This way, I don't need to do extra calculation, i can use the df or memory plugin and transmit data to the collectd agent running on the SNMP server.

So basically my question is: do you know if it's possible to install collectd on VCSA 6.0 and 6.5?

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