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Minimum vCenter version that allows Import/Export VM between vCenters?


I have an old VDI environment with vCenter 6.0 and a couple of hundred VMs. In vSphere client, there is no option to right click on a cluster and export the VMs. I tried to import the VMs from vCenter 7, and after connecting to the old vCenter 6, I cannot see any VMs.

I plan to P2V vCenter6, then upgrade it to a version that I can use the import/export function, rather than powering off all the desktops , removing them from inventory, and then adding them all to the new vCenter manually.

So, my question is, what's the minimum version of vCenter that supports cross vCenter import/export?



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You can use migration across vCenter Server instances if your system meets certain requirements.

The following list sums the requirements that your system must meet so that you can use migration across vCenter Server instances:

  • The cross vCenter Server and long-distance vMotion features require an Enterprise Plus license. For more information, see http://www.vmware.com/uk/products/vsphere/compare.html.
  • To migrate virtual machines across vCenter Server instances in different vCenter Single Sign-On domains, you can use Advanced Cross vCenter vMotion. Тhe vCenter Server instance from which you initiate the import or export of virtual machines must be version 7.0 Update 1c or later.
  • When you migrate virtual machines across vCenter Server instances in Enhanced Linked Mode, without using Advanced Cross vCenter vMotion, verify that you meet the following requirements.
    • The source and destination vCenter Server instances and ESXi hosts must be 6.0 or later.
    • Both vCenter Server instances must be time-synchronized with each other for correct vCenter Single Sign-On token verification.
    • For migration of compute resources only, both vCenter Server instances must be connected to the shared virtual machine storage.
    • Both vCenter Server instances must be in the same vCenter Single Sign-On domain. Enhanced Link Mode lets the source vCenter Server authenticate to the destination vCenter Server

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