Minimum right to start a VM via vmrun


we have a very complex infrastructure. I should grant one person the rights to start a VM via vmrun like:

vmrun.exe -T vc -h https://vCenterServer/sdk start "[STORAGE] directory/vm.vmx"

When he does it, he get's the message:

Error: Cannot open VM: directory/vm.vmx, Insufficient permissions in host operating system

I did a test and gave this person (role) all possible rights and I got the same error message. I did a second test and used my credentials and the command has been executed without errors. So now I am sure that the problem is, that the role for that user is not set to all needed vm objects. I've set this role to the storage, the ESX server, the folder.

I guess the problem is, that I have to set this role to an additional object. But I don't know which one.

Is there a way to debug such problems ?

Regards Wolfgang

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I have the same issue: Error: Cannot open VM: STORAGE directory/vm.vmx, Insufficient permissions in host operating system

"vmrun -T server -h http://<vmhost>/sdk -u ***

-p *** list" Works just fine so I'm sure the credentials are ok

Using the VMware vSphere Client with the same credentials I can start the machine. So I should have sufficent rights?

Can anyone indicate what rights are required to start a machine using vmrun or what else might be wrong?

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