Migrating from 5.5 to 7.0 through 6.7


We have our production environment on version 5.5. We have installed last year, a ESXI host version 6.7 with a different datastore and a now expired evaluation license. We now have a licensed ESXI host version 7.0 with yet another different datastore.

The goal is to move all VMs from the 5.5 host (as well as 2 VMs from the 6.7 host) all the way to the 7.0 host. I thought the best way to do this was to install vCenter on the 7.0 host.

When I try to add the 5.5 host to the 7.0 vCenter, it says it can't. I understand that. But when I try to add the 6.7 host to 7.0 vCenter, I get a message saying "license does not include "vCenter agent for VMWare host". I just registered our Hypervisor 6 on the VMWare website, thinking I would get a valid license to do so. Apparently it doesn't work that way.

Any ideas how I can proceed with the migration?



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