Migrate VM from one ESX to another

Hi all,

I need to migrate a few VMs from ESX (2.5.3) in production to another ESX (2.5.3) in the LAB. The LAB is isolated and only accessible via VPN. Please don't ask why.

So, there is no direct connection between the two ESX servers so I can not use SCP command. What I did is:

\- From a Windows server (in production) I use PSFTP and connect to ESX Production to down load the VMDK files.

\- Then, from the same sever create a VPN connection to the LAB. Again, using PSTP and connect to the ESX LAB and upload the VMDK files.

\- In VirtualCente, I create a new VM and select existing VMDK files. But, the VMDK files I just copied did not listed. I could see it from the MUI --> Manage files. But, it NOT in VMDK file format.

So, did I broke the VMDK file format 'cause I transfer it to the non-VMFS partition???

Is there any way to savage the VMDK files from the ESX LAB? As it took a few hours to transfer the VMDK files from the production to the LAB.

What's the best way to migrate the VM in this scenario?

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If it was me here's how I'd do it:

Samba or NFS mount storage, alternatively use /tmp or equivalent if you have space and current PSFTP (try WinSCP)

Use vmkfstools -e to export VMFS format to COW format (benefit of compression of unused bytes). With samba or NFS you can export directly to intermediate server and save time copying data.

Make VPN Connection & move to Lab intermediate

Make SAMBA or NFS mount, otherwise upload to /tmp or equiv

Use vmkfstools -i to import

Create new vm based on vmdk.


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