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Match VCSA services to actual LINUX processes in VCSA 6.7 U3


I order to monitor VCSA, we would like to check the services via SNMP. As we cannot check the services directly, we would like to monitor, whether or not specific processes are running under LINUX, which we can do.

The challenge I have now is, that in the VCSA Web UI under "VM Appliance Management" - "Services" a bunch of services are listed, which i would like to check for but unfortunately I am not able to find a way to match the service names to the corresponding processes actually running under LINUX.

There is a post, which shows, what I mean, but unfortunately it does not match to VCSA 6.7:
Detailed Description of VCSA Services

-> Services are named differently, some cannot be found, ... Therefore i only can guess, what could be what, which is not really satisfying, if you want to build a monitoring, which you depend on...

Is there something available like this for the version of VCSA I need?

Thank you for any help and kind regards


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