Managing DR with vCenter Server Foundation


I'm using vCenter Server Foundation so no access to Orchestrator (and obviously no SRM either) . I have back-end replication of SAN data (datastores) being handled by the SAN but I'm looking for some ideas on handling the 'house-keeping' of the DR i.e. creating some kind of point-and-click / relatively simple mechanism to bring up the DR site, register VMs etc. I have 3 hosts in total including one at the DR site, this DR host won't run any VMs except in the event of a disaster. I reckon I should have 2 data centres in vCenter with the DR data centre showing up a host but no VMs in normal operation. The vCenter is running on a VM in the primary site which is part of the data being replicated to the DR site so this needs to be taken into account also... any ideas / references / scripts that could help me with this? Intuitively I would imagine that Orchestrator could help with this but as I mentioned, I don't have it...



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I think that SRM can also work with vCenter Server Foundation.

But of course you need two license of vCenter.

Another solution is use PowerShell or other scripting language to create your automation procedure.


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