Incorrect datacenter size selected during VCSA upgrade

I recently upgraded one of our VCSA appliances from 6.5 to 6.7 U3 and all went seemingly well, however in doing so I selected X-Large as the deployment size instead of Small or Medium.  I have now ended up with a vCenter server that is over 2TB in size rather than the previous 7-800gb.

In order to rectify this I have attempted to perform a backup and restore of the config files, re-ran the setup, tried a repair...…...

Each different action I try just simply gets back to the deployment size page and gives no other option except X-Large.

Does anybody have any idea how this can be achieved?

It is a 3 host cluster with about 70 vm's.

Can I not simply retrieve the config files and apply them to a newly build vCenter?

Any help would be greatly appreciated 

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

I don't think we can achieve that. 

Take a VAMI based backup of source and  restore to a new VCSA(same build + deploy with   Small/Medium) and  check

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Hot Shot
Hot Shot

Hi @Darrellc67 ,

Unfortunately this is not possible. We've attempted something so reduce the disk size a while ago:


But this didn't resize the actual disks. It's a known issue I have with the major upgrades to new appliances. We, and VMware Support (at the time) couldn't figure out why the vCenter wated the X-Large disk size set.

I would advise to provision the vCenter with thin disks, this should ensure you won't (directly) use all of the space assigned to the disks.

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