In-place upgrade VC 2.5 U3 to 4.0

Hi Guys

For some reasons i have to perform an in-place upgrade on our production VC server which is currently running 2.5 Build 119598 which is in essence U3.

This VC manages 3 ESX 3.5 Hosts

I intend to read through the upgrade guide vsp_40_upgrade_guide.pdf but having 1 major and 1 minor concern.

Major Concern:

In case of any problem and unortuantely we end up rolling back to 2.5 U3 what happen to old vpxagent on the ESX hosts?

I mean once VC 4.0 will start it will push the new agent to all 3 hosts and then in the event if we roll back the VC server to 2.5 i am not sure if host will automatellicaly be rollbacked to old vpxagent.

please advise and provide steps.

Minor Concern:

2.5 got own license server stuff but 4.0 deals in license key , who this thing would be handled?


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