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IBM X3630 M4 Network Card Problem

Dear All ,

Kindly i face problem on network adapter for my new ESXI Server , the server contains 4 NIC cards, but i can see 1 NIC only from vsphere and server,

im already install ESXi V5.5

and vsphere is 5.5 too , im already check the Server Configuration form BIOS and check if all NIC enables and connected and if connected through network he retreivv activiaty .

any suggetions for help

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This server has 04 (four) network adapters but take in mind that, 02 (two) of them are FoD (Feature on Demand) and you may need additional license to use these one... and the another one if configured to "Dedicated", can be used only by IMM (management).

To use the network interface dedicated for the IMM, change the IMM network interface configuration for "Shared".

Here is some more about: IBM System x


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