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How to dessign in vcenter default folder after VM creation based on user

I am facing recurring permissions issue in vCenter 7 U2, in summary:

I have a vCenter with several Users, several networks and several connected storages, I managed to solve the issue of networks and storage with the classic user permissions, where I have the problem is when creating the VMs, if the VM is created at the end of the menu the user does not see it in the inventory, because by default he is not assigned the administration of that VM that is created, I have to give him the permissions manually later, and if I give him permissions in the HOST/vCenter then he sees all the VMs created , the solution I could find for this is to create folders (folders/templates) where to place the VMs and assign permissions within that folder, then it only sees what is inside that folder, the problem now is that I have to move the VM for that folder when created by the user, is there any way or script that can be created to assign a default folder based on the user and have it relocated there after the creation of the VM?


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