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How do i stop Storage Monitoring Service?

Hi VMware exparts,

I'm currently facing a problem with vCenter Management Webservice related issue. One of the vCenter management service, Storage Monitoring Service witch runs on tomcat is consuming most of JVM heap memory.

It causes other vCenter web-based services, such as performance chart or health check monitor incapable. I of course checked how to increase JVM heap size, however, I found the only way to resolve this issue is to upgrade vCenter version.


vCenter Server Web services might consume all the memory assigned to it vCenter Server Webservices (tomcat6.exe) might consume all the memory assigned it. Increasing the Tomcat maximum memory pool does not resolve the issue.This affects any vCenter web services related functionality.This issue is resolved in this release.

So, I think second solution for this issue is to stop ONLY storage monitoring service, without stopping tomcat.

I would like to ask all VMware experts how do this.....



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