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High CPU usage VMware Server 2 (host windows)

Hello everyone,

A few days ago I decided to move from Server 1.x to the new version 2.x.

I would like to adopt and sugest virtualization both in my company and in customer's network.

I use different Host:

a) P4 dual 3.50 - 4GB - Windows 2003 Server

b) Laptop Centrino 1.5 - 1 GB - Windows XP

I know that my hardware is not perfect to handle production solution, but I use it for testing and lab.

The main problem is that while using Server 1.x both PC were able to works, allowing 2/3 guest OS to be used, Server version 2.x on BOTH PC use from 70% to 99% even if no operation are made neither from host nor from guest.

Obviously, I'm no more able to start more than one VM.

It is clear that this issue is related to VMware 2.0.x. But why?

I'm not able to find information aroud the internet, I only found that it is possible to reduce resource needed using the VMware Infrastructure Client instead of the Web Interface. But the problem is only a little less heavy.

There is a way to limit host CPU percentage usage ? (not allowing the guest to use 100% of host CPU)

There is any patch or solution that explain why server version 2 create this issue ?

Probably I will downgrade to server 1.x, but also it means that VMware cannot anymore be the product leader.

Does anyone have the same issue?

Have a nice day


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