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Have a problem with Update Manager - 4404 error - Win32 exception - Access Violation


After installing latest windows updates (dated 10 june) i have a problem with Update Manager (63995) service. It's start and stops after few second. Anybody can help?

Here is error log:

Log for VMware Update Manager, pid=5096, version=1.0.0, build=build-145819, option=Release, section=2<br /><br/>
... skip ...<br/><br/>
[2009-06-15 22:27:19.986 'App' 5156 info] [serviceWin32,448] vmware-ufad-vci service started<br/><br/>
[2009-06-15 22:27:23.971 'App' 4660 error] Win32 exception: Access Violation (0xc0000005)<br/><br/>
[2009-06-15 22:27:23.971 'App' 4660 error]    Read (0) at address 0x0001bc<br/><br/>
[2009-06-15 22:27:23.971 'App' 4660 error]    eip: 0x963cc9 esp: 0x45ded70 ebp: 0x45ded80<br/><br/>
[2009-06-15 22:27:23.971 'App' 4660 error]    eax: 0x45deddc ebx: 00000000 ecx: 00000000 edx: 0xeb6d00af edi: 00000000 esi: 0x45dfac4<br/><br/>
[2009-06-15 22:27:23.971 'App' 4660 error] <br/><br/>
Exception: Win32 exception<br/><br/>
[2009-06-15 22:27:23.971 'App' 4660 error] Backtrace:<br/><br/>
backtrace[00] eip 0x100ec816 ?GenerateCoreDump@System@Vmacore@@YAXXZ<br/><br/>
backtrace[01] eip 0x10036dba ?CreateBacktrace@SystemFactoryImpl@System@Vmacore@@UAEXAAV?$Ref@VBacktrace@System@Vmacore@@@3@@Z<br/><br/>
backtrace[02] eip 0x1001182e ??0Throwable@Vmacore@@QAE@ABV?$basic_string@DU?$char_traits@D@std@@V?$allocator@D@2@@std@@@Z<br/><br/>
backtrace[03] eip 0x1000fe87 ?PanicExit@Vmacore@@YAXABV?$basic_string@DU?$char_traits@D@std@@V?$allocator@D@2@@std@@@Z<br/><br/>
backtrace[04] eip 0x100f0ea7 ?GetThisThread@System@Vmacore@@YAPAVThread@12@XZ<br/><br/>
backtrace[05] eip 0x7c359c97 __CxxLongjmpUnwind<br/><br/>
backtrace[06] eip 0x7c359629 __CxxExceptionFilter<br/><br/>
backtrace[07] eip 0x7c3598ad __CxxExceptionFilter<br/><br/>
backtrace[08] eip 0x7c35994a __CxxExceptionFilter<br/><br/>
backtrace[09] eip 0x7c359b9d __CxxFrameHandler<br/><br/>
backtrace[10] eip 0x7c828772 RtlRaiseStatus<br/><br/>
backtrace[11] eip 0x7c828743 RtlRaiseStatus<br/><br/>
backtrace[12] eip 0x7c82857e KiUserExceptionDispatcher<br/><br/>
backtrace[13] eip 0x02a6eac4 (no symbol)<br/><br/>
backtrace[14] eip 0x0298a244 (no symbol)<br/><br/>
backtrace[15] eip 0x02984016 (no symbol)<br/><br/>
backtrace[16] eip 0x02984746 (no symbol)<br/><br/>
backtrace[17] eip 0x02984828 (no symbol)<br/><br/>
backtrace[18] eip 0x0297b16f (no symbol)<br/><br/>
backtrace[19] eip 0x0297b85e (no symbol)<br/><br/>
backtrace[20] eip 0x0297ce6d (no symbol)<br/><br/>
backtrace[21] eip 0x028dca4d (no symbol)<br/><br/>
backtrace[22] eip 0x029090e9 (no symbol)<br/><br/>
backtrace[23] eip 0x100f420a ?IsEnlisted@System@Vmacore@@YA_NXZ<br/><br/>
backtrace[24] eip 0x100f4b5c ?IsEnlisted@System@Vmacore@@YA_NXZ<br/><br/>
backtrace[25] eip 0x100f052e ?GetThreadId@System@Vmacore@@YA_JXZ<br/><br/>
backtrace[26] eip 0x7c349565 _endthreadex<br/><br/>
backtrace[27] eip 0x77e6482f GetModuleHandleA<br/><br/>
[2009-06-15 22:27:23.971 'App' 4660 info] CoreDump: Writing minidump to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\VMware\VMware Update Manager\Logs\vmware-updatemgr-5096-4660.dmp<br/><br/>
[2009-06-15 22:27:24.033 'Ufa' 4944 info] Socket closed, not issuing another Accept

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I would try simply reinstalling VMware Update Manager on that server. You can do so and keep your existing database so that you don't overwrite anything. Although it seems extreme it seems to fix most Update Manager problems.

Matt | http://www.thelowercasew.com | @mattliebowitz
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