HA agent has an error : Failed to send initial message to the rule : Unknown HA error

I have 3 hosts in a cluster.  ESXi-03 is the only one that i am having an issue with.

I've checked DNS, on the DC, and the settings are correct.  I've checked the DNS and router details on the host and they are correct.

Can anyone give me some ideas on how to troubleshoot this please?


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what ESX(i) version do you have ?

does pings goes between nodes in a cluster ?

is management interface on ESX host in this same subnet on all nodes in a cluster ?

try this:

  • disable and enable HA on cluster
  • reconfigure HA on affected node
  • disconnect, remove host from cluster and add it again
  • you can try to remove aam agent manualy and reconfigure HA one more time



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Make sure your DNS is setup correctly as I've had this problem before and it was down to incorrect DNS settings

Check Configuration>DNS and Routing and see if correct and also in your /etc/sysconfig/network file


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Thanks for the help.

The DNS info was correct.  I installed update manager and it installed several patches and updates.  After that everything worked fine.

Strange one, given how i downloaded the latest version of ESXi..

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