HA Isolation Issue

I am using the vCheck PowerCLI script and it is pulling some error events from vCenter related to HA:

Host <myhost> could not reach isolation address:

I don't see this event in virtualcenter anywhere.  I've validated that I can ping the above IP (the gateway for the management network) from the host in question.  I also looked at the aam logs and there are no obvious errors.

After doing the above, I also did a "Reconfigure for HA" on all the hosts in this cluster.

How do I troubleshoot this further?



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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

I would check around the time that this is happening to see if there is anything going on that could have potentially caused a hiccup.  Also, it could be a dropped packet here and there that is within the 15 second response detection for HA.  Although my first thoughts would be to drill down to more around that time and check all aspects of the environment involved during that time frame.

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You could always change the isolation address in the advanced settings of HA

I had the same kind of error in one of mine with partitioning errors coming up.


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