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Exporting all configuration from one VCSA and importing it into a brand new VCSA

Hi all,

As the subject line reads, I would like to know if it is possible to export all configuration from one (working) VCSA and import it into a bran new VCSA. 

Some context: I have two research environments here which are set up identical. The vCenter VM which is running 6.5 in environment 1 crashed and it had been unstable ever since. That from environment 2 is working perfectly but it is on 6.7. So I wanted to export it as OVF and put it into environment 1 to replace the problematic vCenter there. 

I have tried exporting as OVF and importing it but the services fail to start, be it automatically or manually. What I did was I turned off the problematic vCenter VM, logged into the ESXi host, deployed the OVF and started it. So I don't why the services fail to start; they just time out. 

Now I'm desperate to get it up and running again and I couldn't build it back up from scratch because there's no doco from the previous guy so I'm hoping to somehow export all config, not just DVSwitch config, from the working vCenter, setup a new vCenter server and load the config in.

Would it be possible?

Many thanks in advance.

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