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Error while extracting local SSO users again :(

I went trough the forums history and the knowledge database.I  try all the effort to

configure the AD connection with the vCenter, but I still got error in the vCenter web client.

The Identity-source was set up ones with AD  and the other time  with LDAP settings. 

Both test was ok , but the domain users or groups didn't come up in the list in non of the cases.

I do not see any problem with  PTR records in the DNS or other DNS config.

Can you give me some idea what is the cause of this error in my environment?

I also configure SQL database.I use the MYDOMAIN\VMuser service account on vCenter.

DB_and _schema_creation_scripts_MSSQL  installed the VCDB and vpxuser on  SQL server 2012  to create the background for the VMware connections.







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I'm having the exact same problem. Have you been able to resolve it @silkas?  My domain name is mydomain.mycompany.internal. My SSO domain name is vsphere.mycompany.internal. So I thought that might be the issue.  If I SSH into the vcenter appliance, I can ping fully qualified names correctly and I can nslookup them as well.  Eg. I can ping mydomain.mycompany.internal and mydomaincontroller.mydomain.mycompany.internal.    However, understandably, with my vcenter name is actually 'vcenter', and I can't ping vcenter because the suffix is slightly different, whereas I can ping vcenter.vsphere.mycompany.internal. 

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